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  1. Ganesh says

    Only solution is reduce current cube fees by 20%, and make producers and theater owners to share the cube fee equally. In order to do the control the budget of movies. So some producers can produce more movies, and cube can make money on volume. How we reduce the budget of the movies, so producers comfortably pay cube fees and theater owners can earn more share, so theaters can share cube fees and reduce snack prices. How? How? All big stars like kabaali black ticketwala, big boss muthakaran, thonthi bike race briyani thatha, kullan markandeyan,viral vambu, akram, GST kattaha nadigan yellarum 30 kodi sambalam yeduthu industrya kollaama, all these stars should get paid maximum of 3 crores, and their movie budget should not go more than 10 crores. Think, how healthy industry will be, theaters will be. Also, b grade stars like jayam Ravi, aravind Sami could charge max of 60 lakhs, with max budget of 4 crores. Then c grade actors like vishal, arya, sullan, karthi, should not charge more than 40 lakhs. All ther actors fee not more than 30 lakhs. Rather wasting time in strike, fix this and ban actors to have their own production houses, then controlled budget will give profit to everyone not just actors like thonthi briyani vayiran or kabaali black ticket thirudan.

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