Karthi Sivakumar the Real Hero

Myopathy, Institute of Muscular Dystrophy and Research Centre is a unit of Jeevan Foundation, was established in 2010, located in pollution-free and nature-rich environment in Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamil Nadu, India. The Focus of the Institute is the prevention and rehabilitate of Muscular Dystrophy in Children. It’s hard to say there is no medicine for this disease world wide. We aspire to build confidence in children through various means including Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational Therapy and play Therapy to prolong the lifespan of these children.

Mr.Karthi Sivakumar between his busy schedules traveled 300 kms and visited Mayopathy Hospital on 18.07.2014 and spent his valuable time with all the children affected with Muscular Dystrophy. He was more interactive with the kids by chatting, singing, dancing and even doing “Jinthaka” and they became so close and started calling “Karthi anna”. He was so kind enough to get chocolates and mingled with each & everyone in the Hospital. He was so humble and friendly with everyone and we were amazed and felt it runs in the Family. He delivered warmth and wonderful speech and it touched everyone’s heart. Even though he is a big star, he was down to earth and had food with kids. We were amazed that he was patiently posing for the pictures with kids, parents and all the staffs in the Institution. The three hour he spent was a mile stone in Mayopathy History.

Mr.Karthi made everyone happy and the Kids didn’t want to say Goodbye to Karthi anna.

The parents requested Mr.Karthi to make awareness about this disease and spread to the world. He accepted their request and promised to create awareness about Muscular Dystrophy and Mayopathy Institute of Muscular Dystrophy & Research Centre.

E mail  :  vasanthibabu@jeevanfoundation.com
Web    :  www.jeevanfoundation.com


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  1. Suresh says

    This hospital was founded by actor and politician Nepolean, right?

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