Master K.L.Dheeran’s (5years old) Record Attempt On Most National Flag Identified In One Minute

Master K.L Dheeraj is now 5 years old. He is studying in U.K.G – Padma Seshadri School – K.K. Nagar.
He holds 3 national records already in “ India Book of Records “ and details for the same is given below.
He was 2 years and 9 months old, when he clinched his first India Book of Records
Record 1  – “Youngest to identify most no. of flags”
He actually identified 215 National flags in 2 min and 19 Secs.

At the age of 3 years & 7 months, he recognized 83 inventor names by looking at the inventions in 1 minute and took the next record title as
Record 2 : Most Names of Inventors recognized by looking at the inventions in 1 minute.
On the same day, he also solved the world map puzzle in 3 mins & 20 Secs and was titled as
Record 3 :  “Youngest to solve the world map puzzle”.

Existing record: URL – &
We also got a Confirmation letter, from world records University that Dheeraj has completed all the requirements for the Honorary Doctorate Degree at the World Records University and Convocation ceremony is scheduled in Delhi on 29th Sep 2014, to receive prestigious certification.
Today, he is planning to break an existing Guinness world record and at the same time, taking “ India book of records attempt also.
Today’s Record attempt : “ Most national Flags Identified in One Minute “

Attempted for : Guinness world Records & India Book of Records
Supported by : Lions Club – Dist 324 A8
To break the existing guinness world record, he has to identify more than 77 national flags in One minute, clinch both India book of records & Guiness book of records.
Adjudicators from India book of records are present on the spot to certify immediately and for Guinness, all these documents will be submitted and they will verify & certify based on the documents received , later.
Today, Master K.L. Dheeraj Identified 110 no. of Flags in One Minute
With best regards,

Kalyan ( Father of Dheeraj )  / 9884895986

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