Shruthi Haasan launches ‘Gabbar is Back’ game amidst grander fanfare


Shruthi Haasan launches ‘Gabbar is Back’ game amidst grander fanfare 

The hot and happening actress Shruthi Haasan launched the most sensational 3D Game ‘Gabbar is Back’ at Hotel Tara (Ramoji Film City), Hyderabad spangled with huge fanfare. The game is based on the latest Hindi release titled ‘Gabbar’ that stars Akshay Kumar and Shruthi Haasan in lead roles with Telugu filmmaker Krish making his directorial debut in Bollywood.

Speaking about this new experience of having a video game based on her film, Shruthi Haasan was high spirited thanking the entire team behind the making of this adventure-action packed game.


Stealth, Action and Racing – Often ennobled as the luckiest synonymous genre of video games have been savouring the universe prodigiously.  But how often have you envisaged a blend of all these three exciting elements together in a single game. ‘Gabbar is Back’ offers an irresistible enthrallment in the world of video games with a newfangled design. Amalgamating these exotic genres together, the game offers ‘Triple Impact’ to the gamers sending a heavy gold rush into their veins.

Power-packed with volatile combats, chases and mind-boggling stealth, ‘Gabbar is Back’ bestows its users with unlimited entertainment.

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