Upcoming Lady Star Suchithra Shivaraman

Suchithra Shivaram a young talent who has acted in about 15 Tamil feature films created a mark for herself in the Industry. Starting her acting career with a big bang in the Ilayathalapathy Vijay starrer movie “Aadhi” as Trisha’s childhood role and continued acting with full of passion in movies like Ayyanar, Vettaikaran, Aathavan and so on. Currently she has done her acting in Super stars movie LINGAA as Sonakshi Sinha’s friend and also in Kakki Sattai as hero Shiva Karthikeyan’s sister.


Suchithra’s urge in media did not stop her in acting only in Films but also gave a way to showcase her talent in the Small Screen from 2005 till date by hosting for Sun T.V Kid’s programme “Kutti Choice” and also as a news reader in Chutti Tv. She’s also acted in popular T.V Channels mega serials like Sarvanan Meenakshi, Thayumanavan etc.

Suchitra who is currently pursuing her B.com 2nd year in Ethiraj College, has her core interest in Compeering in live, reality and stage shows in leading T.V channels. She’s also good in Content development, Events for occasions like Game shows and motivation events like entrepreneurial skills to improve spirit among students and friends.

The young talents is also specialized herself as a Bharatha Nattiyam dancer since the age of 8 and has given various stage performance in Nagarkoil, Madras Music College etc. She has received awards like 2nd position in Tamil Nadu for RIN advanced-white STAT HUNT and has received honours from the hands of eminent dance personality like Mrs.Shantha Dhananjeya.

Recently she celebrated her birthday with Superstar Rajinikanth, KS Ravikumar and Lingaa film Cast & Crew.

She says that she wants to engage herself in the media world in an intellectually and professionally challenging, creative environment, where she can capitalize on her naturally gifted acting skills, to be a creative part of a team that dynamically works towards the growth of the movie industry.

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