“Yatchan will be a delightful treat to all” – Director Vishnuvardhan

Director Vishnuvardhan has been an epitome of power factory within, a maker with splendid and spontaneous ideas. Winning laurels for his impeccable entertainers based on different genres, Vishnuvardhan is now close on the heels of wrapping up the post-production works of his upcoming film ‘Yatchan’ starring Arya, Krishna, Swathi and Deepa Sannidhi in lead roles.

The director is too excited that the final output of the film has shaped up well and will be releasing shortly.

Teaming up with his younger brother Krishna for the first time, Vishnuvardhan says, “It’s been a long time desire of we working together and finally it has happened with ‘Yatchan’…”

This is the fifth time Jammy as Vishnuvardhan fondly calls ‘Arya’ is playing lead role in his project. “Whenever I am about to complete a project with Arya, he would abruptly come up with an inquisitive statement of when shall we start up our next project,” jocularly says Vishnuvardhan.

Vishnuvardhan also mentions that both the heroines Swathi and Deepa Sannidhi have performed colossally in this film.

“Yatchan will be a perfect entertainer based on action, comedy, friendship and romance, somewhere in the zone of Arindhum Ariyaamalum and Pattiyal,” tots up Vishnuvardhan.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this film that comes as a package of 5 tracks in the album. More details on audio and theatrical release would be made shortly.

Yatchan is produced by Vishnuvardhan Pictures and UTV Motion Pictures.

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