DAISY Movie Motion Poster

DAISY Tamil Film is officially in the last stages of post production.

A Horror flick produced by N.Shanmuga Sundaram & Mohammed Yasin and directed by debutante Srinath Ramalingam.

Srinath Ramalingam has previously worked in Hollywood as an Art director and also directed few TV series out in Singapore. He also won the BEST FILM award for a Short Film at Libra Global Film Festival 2014, which held in Chennai.

For the past 3 years this passionate team was drilling hard in K’Town and finally they are on the positive road towards the big screens.

Daisy is a story about an 8-year-old girl. The film has a very strong and serious content that connects with today’s society.

Director adds “During the production of DAISY, we had to go through many phase of difficulties but to be honest we are truly happy that everyone cooperated 100% along with Juna pictures to complete the schedule on time. One of our leading stars Deepak Paramesh lost his father during the production but he managed to show up within a week’s time, a true symbol of commitment. FEFSI technicians were our biggest strength during the shoots of Daisy “


Deepak Paramesh, Gunalan Morgan, Jaqlene Prakash, Mourhrna Aneetha and “Mime” Gopi are playing pivotal roles in the film.


Cinematography – Manish Murthy

Music – Siva Saravanan

Editor – Harry Haran

Art Director – C.M Mohan Babu

P.R.O – Nikkil

Motion Poster: http://youtu.be/sVDMxzI-H6k

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